between here and there


Before Christmas, I went through a bit of a “lull” and decided to kick hesperoo, and myself up the bum! I took stock and decided to approach 2016 by eliminating all the things I did not want to do anymore (or the things that weren’t doing me any favours) and focus on what does work and what I enjoy. I started to envision a clearer idea of where I wanted Hesperoo to be and could actually start to see a clear path between the here and there forming, rather than feeling stuck, frantically peddling away but not actually getting anywhere.

When my daughter Hesper was born I learned how to make dolls and toys and I loved doodling little characters and faces for possible projects, dreaming up names and accessories for these never-made dolls. I always thought that one day I would get back into making these dolls and integrate them alongside all the other products I was churning out. What I soon realised is that this should be my new focus. So over Christmas, I got my iPad out and started creating digital characters, drawing inspiration from the many doodles/ideas I’ve squirrelled away over the years! I now have a few designs ready for my new products of 2016 which I’m really excited about! They will be printed onto fabric, which I will cut, sew and stuff into decorative cushions. Fingers crossed, I’ll be adding co-ordinated products in the future..

The image above is of my first “Sleep Tight” character (I think they will all get names eventually!) printed as a fabric sample, which I impatiently sewed up to get an idea of how it would look as a cushion. Here are the others…can’t wait to see them as cushions!



What do you think?

Hannah x


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